Funding for Commercial Real Estate Developments

Raise Capital for Office Buildings, Retail and other Commercial Developments

Whether your project includes office buildings, retail outlets, healthcare facilities, self-storage units or most any other commercial property, you’ll need to secure commercial real estate funding to get your project off the ground. And, you’re not alone. 

EquityDoor helps commercial developers by providing them with the resources needed to complete projects on time and on-budget by giving you the resources needed. Whether your commercial project is for retail, hospitality, offices or industrial, our real estate crowdfunding platform and support team can help you get access to capital quickly and easily.

Crowdfunding for Commercial Real Estate 

Crowdfunding as a method of funding for commercial real estate continues to grow in popularity, accounting for billions in financing in 2019, including commercial real estate funding. While commercial real estate loans from conventional banks have grown steadily from $1.4 Trillion in 2012 to a peak of $2.3 Trillion in late 2019, crowdfunding continues to grow:

  • $16 Trillion base value of US commercial real estate
  • 70+ Billion total square feet in 2019
  • $85.2 Billion in commercial construction in 2019 

Benefits of Crowdfunding for Commercial Developments

Why is real estate crowdfunding a growth source for raising capital? Well, there are many benefits for commercial real estate projects, including:

  • Broad access to capital
  • Little to no debt service
  • Ability to set your own financing terms
  • No limitations set by big-bank bureaucracy
  • Equity-backed investing for owners and investors
  • No fear of foreclosure
  • Flexible funding options attract accredited and non-accredited investors

Raise Capital for Commercial Developments

Using the power of Crowdfunding, developers can raise capital for commercial real estate developments to move forward with building and construction. We work with developers to provide solutions for commercial projects including commercial office buildings and office parks, retail stores and buildings, manufacturing and industrial buildings, and more.

Raising Capital with EquityDoor Crowdfunding

Here is how the EquityDoor helps raise capital for commercial real estate funding through crowdfunding:

  • Our professional network helps you create your crowdfunding project
  • The EquityDoor support team is available to facilitate your needs at any time
  • Our platform provides marketing support to help promote your project

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Our 3-Step Process

It’s easy to sign up to use our real estate crowdfunding platform! Here’s how to get started:

  • Complete simple on-line application
  • Our team helps you create the necessary documents
  • Launch your offer on the EquityDoor platform

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