Raise Capital for Real Estate Projects

Regardless of the size of your project, real estate crowdfunding provides a powerful alternative to traditional financing when you’re looking to raise capital.

  • Single-family rentals
  • House flipping
  • Duplex rental properties
  • End-user commercial
  • Financing of $1 million or less


  • Multi-family construction
  • Financing multi-unit rental properties
  • Investment portfolios bundling multiple properties
  • Small-mid sized commercial projects
  • Financing of up to $5 million
  • Large, multi-unit rental properties
  • Mid-size and larger commercial projects
  • Retail, industrial and land development projects
  • Financing greater than $5 million


Tap into the power of crowdfunding for to raise capital for your
next project in three simple steps.



Apply to raise capital for your project by completing a simple application.

Document Prep

Our established relationships help you efficiently prepare your documents

Launch Your Offering

Leverage the reach of social networking and the simplicity of our platform to raise capital.

STEP 1: Application

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At EquityDoor, our goal is to help you raise capital for real estate projects through crowdfunding. We work with builders, developers, and real estate project owners of all sizes to make sure you have the resources needed to successfully turn your vision into reality. With our real estate crowdfunding platform and support team, we can help you get access to capital quickly to help you finish your real estate projects on-time and on-budget.


Flexible Funding Models

Every real estate project is unique, and each one has different needs when raising capital. Fortunately, EquityDoor offers a range of crowdfunding models that gives you flexibility to choose the right one for your project and goals.

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EquityDoor isn’t affiliated with any traditional bank or financial institution. We’re not backed by wealthy insiders, developed by software wiz-kids in the silicon valley or created for the select few.

But we are tech-savvy, and we’ve been buying, selling, flipping, renting, developing and financing residential and commercial investment properties for decades – and we know firsthand how complex, costly, and difficult traditional real estate financing has been.

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