Regulation D 506c (Reg D 506c)

Rule 506(c) permits issuers to broadly solicit and generally advertise an offering, provided that:

  • All purchasers in the offering are accredited investors
  • The issuer takes reasonable steps to verify purchasers’ accredited investor status
  • Certain other conditions in Regulation D are satisfied

EquityDoorCap, LLC does our due diligence to ensure sure any Regulation D 506c offerings on our secure investment portal have gone through the “bad actor” disqualification process. We use a third-party verification provider called to do this vetting before any projects are even considered. This process enables us to provide you with the knowledge that any investment on our website has been vetted and checked for compliance and securities issues. 

What is an Accredited Investor?

  • A person or company that meet specific financial criteria including income and net worth

If you’re unsure if you qualify as an Accredited Investor, we can help. Please email us.

If you’re an issuer, how can EquityDoorCap, LLC help you with a RegD 506C?

  • Raise capital beyond $5,000,000
  • Suitable for medium and large capital projects, especially those with higher minimum investment thresholds

When submitting a RegD offering, issuers need to submit:

  • PPM (Private Placement Memorandum)
  • Operating Agreement
  • Subscription Agreement

If you need assistance with documentation prep, we suggest our partners, who provide those services.

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