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Law Cloud

LawCloud works with Crowdfunding platforms and issuers to help them draft their legal document. Our technology solution guides issuers through disclosure documents, including company-specific risk factors to help protect the issuer and platform.

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Go Business Plans

Go Business Plans is a strategic business planning and consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California. We work with early stage ventures, mid-market companies, and enterprise level corporations to develop investor focused business plans, financial models, feasibility studies, strategic action plans, and valuation analyses. To date, our business plans have raised over $1.8 billion in combined debt and equity funding.

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Madison Trust

Madison Trust Company is the highest rated Self Directed IRA Custodian in the industry. We enable investors to utilize their existing retirement funds to purchase alternative assets. Our world-class customer service, flat rate fees, and flawless transaction execution help to create a seamless Self Directed IRA investing experience for clients. 

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Equity Trust

Equity Trust Company is a leading custodian of self-directed IRAs and has been helping investors since 1974.

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Rocket Dollar

Rocket Dollar makes it easy for individuals and companies to unlock retirement savings. In the past using retirement funds for alternative invest was a very cumbersome and expensive process requiring state filings and trust companies. Rocket Dollar eliminates all the hassle by making it affordable and easy to unlock retirement funds as well as creating a shelter for retirement dollars from taxes. To learn more contact info@rocketdollar.com, visit rocketdollar.com, or call 855-762-5383.

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American IRA

American IRA is a passive custodian and administrator for Self-Directed IRA and 401(K) services. We specialize in the administration of self-directed retirement plans and we provide the service that allows you to add alternative assets such as, gold, real estate, and private companies to your retirement plan.

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Mangum & Associates

Since 1999, Mangum & Associates PC has been a top-rated expert boutique securities law firms in the United States focused on hands-on advisory services to clients who raise capital through the private and public equity markets, including hedge funds, direct public offerings of equity and debt securities, and much more.

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EquityDoor isn’t affiliated with any traditional bank or financial institution. We’re not backed by wealthy insiders, developed by software wiz-kids in the silicon valley or created for the select few.

But we are tech-savvy, and we’ve been buying, selling, flipping, renting, developing and financing residential and commercial investment properties for decades – and we know firsthand how complex, costly, and difficult traditional real estate financing has been.

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