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  • Access to a variety of real estate investing projects
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Using Our Real Estate Investing Platform:

EquityDoor focuses on raising funds for real estate projects in return for equity as an intermediary between issuers and investors.

Through the EquityDoor’s real estate investment platform, you can browse our marketplace of investment opportunities, review all the details about every project, and engage directly with project owners to learn more about potential investment opportunities directly through the platform.

We provide a simple, secure, and efficient platform that allows anyone with as little as $1,000 to invest in real estate projects from across the country that were once limited to only the big investors and real-estate insiders.

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EquityDoor isn’t affiliated with any traditional bank or financial institution. We’re not backed by wealthy insiders, developed by software wiz-kids in the silicon valley or created for the select few.

But we are tech-savvy, and we’ve been buying, selling, flipping, renting, developing and financing residential and commercial investment properties for decades – and we know firsthand how complex, costly, and difficult traditional real estate financing has been.

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