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Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment means gaining momentum where both investors and owners are finding it easy and lucrative to have a direct connection.

Bringing a new perspective of having the people’s investment in real estate opposing to the traditional route of funding via banks or financial institutions have channeled a new way of investment and growing returns.

Why invest in Crowdfunding Real Estate Investment?

  • Opportunity to invest in top Real Estate projects
  • Customized investments based on your pocket-size (minimum of $1000)
  • Authentic and reliable platform
  • Assured growth of investment
  • Option to diversify the portfolio
  • Greater annual returns (Approx 8 to 12 %)

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Why EquityDoor for Crowd Investing in Real Estate?

Signing up and creating an investor account on EquityDoor is quick and easy. We’ll walk you through the steps, get you confirmed to provide you with specific feedback regarding your potential investment level based on SEC guidelines.

From there, you’ll have full access to the EquityDoor platform. You can browse our marketplace of investment opportunities, review all the details about every project and engage directly with project owners to learn more about potential investment opportunities directly through the platform.

We provide a simple, secure and efficient platform that allows anyone with as little as $1,000 to invest in projects from across the country that were once limited to only the big investors and real-estate insiders.

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