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At EquityDoor, dedicated project owners bring diverse investment opportunities from across the country. They’re looking to expand their investment portfolio by adding new properties, start a new project (like flipping a home), or seeking an alternative to big banks to close the mortgage on their dream home. These projects are part of their personal investment portfolio, and they’re looking for like-minded investors to share in the same projects along with them.

This is what EquityDoor is all about – connecting investors and opening the door to the billions of dollars in mid-market investments. We don’t cater to the big, multi-million dollar deals. We’re focused on the 87% of the properties sold in the U.S. each year that are at or below the $1 million level. And, we like to keep it simple. Project owners bring real-estate investment opportunities, and our platform allows potential investors to consider each of them and make investments in the ones that fit their investment criteria.

Investors can start with as little as $1,000.  Using the platform, investors can inspect project offers and materials, such as legal documents and due diligence items, and make informed investment decisions in real estate projects.

Legal documents, signatures and fund transfers are all handled through the EquityDoor platform so investors and project owners can complete and track their entire transaction through our secure website.

To learn more about our real estate crowdfinding platform, see our FAQs and Investor Education materials.

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