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Luxury Waterfront Development
Wareham, MA

- Minimum Investment- $10,000

- Residential Single-Family Homes
- Targeted Investor IRR: 30%
- Preferred Return: 10%

Test the Waters by EquityDoor, LLC

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Single Family Housing
Denver, CO. 

- Minimum Investment- $5,000
- Single Family Development
- Affordable Housing
- Estimated Return 34%

Reg CF via EquityDoor, LLC
By: Meadow Simple Living Community Development, LLC
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High End Vacation Rental
Marathon, FL. 

- Minimum Investment- $2,000
- Already Generating Rental Income 
- Preferred Returns Up To 10%
- Equity Shares- Up To 42%

Reg CF via EquityDoor, LLC
By: 619 Sombrero, LLC
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Specialty Storage Facility
Las Vegas, NV. 

- Minimum Investment- $21,000
- For RV's, Boats, and Cars
- Equity Share Up To- 25%
- Special 8% Dividend

RegD 506C via EquityDoorCap,LLC
By: 4580 E. Carey Avenue, LLC
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Paved 91 Site RV Park
Austin, TX.

- Minimum Investment- $50,000
- RV Park Development
- Equity Shares- Up To 20%
- Expected Annual ROI- 15%

RegD 506C via EquityDoorCap,LLC
By: Thousand Oaks RV Park, LLC

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Fresh Water Development
Los Angeles, CA.

- Minimum Investment- $250,000
- Fresh Water Development
- Projected IRR Up To 18%
- Expected Return $4M/Lifetime

RegD 506C via EquityDoorCap,LLC
By: Beneficial Use Partners, LLC
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Fix-&- Flip Residential
Houston, TX.

- Issuer Accepting Feedback
- Single Family Units Rehabs
- Equity Shares- Up to 80%
- Up To 10% Preferred Return

"Test the Waters" Project
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