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True to its name, EquityDoor is an online real estate crowdfunding platform that was purpose-built to give all investors open, fair and impartial access to their share of mid-market real estate investments.

For Investors

Real estate crowdsourcing and the EquityDoor portal give you the opportunity to invest in properties that were once only available to large institutions and wealthy, private investors.
At EquityDoor, we’re looking to open the market and level the real estate investment playing field “for the rest of us” which is why we focus on mid-market opportunities and Regulation Crowdfunding.



For Project Owners Looking to Raise Capital

Regulation Crowdfunding is enjoying explosive growth and is an excellent source of alternative real estate financing that frees you from the stranglehold of traditional banks and financial institutions.
The EquityDoor portal connects you with like-minded investors and allows you to tap into the billions of dollars that are being invested annually in real estate crowdfunding.



Raise Capital

Investment Opportunities

Explore our marketplace of opportunities to find properties that match your investment criteria. Choose between portfolio expansion, new projects and mortgage offerings.

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With easy self-accreditation and minimum investments starting as low as $1,000, EquityDoor has removed the historic barriers that have locked average investors out of the real estate market and made investing in real estate simple, fair and available to everyone.

How it Works

You may come across many real estate crowdfunding sites, but our website ensures the highest degree of neutrality.

Our platform was designed to ensure simplicity and inclusion for both investors and project owners with a focus on mid-market properties and like-minded investors.


Invest as little as $1,000 in diverse properties from across the nation

Let Your Money Work

Expand your real estate portfolio without the hassles of direct ownership

Build Your Portfolio

Select projects to complement your investment strategy
Approved by the SEC in 2015, Regulation Crowdfunding allows individuals to invest in real estate projects valued at up to $1,070,000 by buying equity shares directly from project issuers who are invested in those very same projects. This represents 87% of all residential properties and countless commercial projects as well.

Why EquityDoor

By providing a crowdfunding portal that was designed from the ground up to be your alternative to traditional financing, we’re opening the door and leveling the real estate investing playing field for everyone.


Eliminates traditional barriers


Connects project owners and investors


Includes 87% of all properties
EquityDoor isn’t affiliated with any traditional bank or financial institution. We’re not backed by wealthy insiders, developed by software wiz-kids in the silicon valley or created for the select few.
But we are tech-savvy, and we’ve been buying, selling, flipping, renting, developing and financing residential and commercial investment properties for decades – and we know firsthand how complex, costly, and difficult traditional real estate financing has been.
When Regulation Crowdfunding was approved by the SEC allowing individuals to sell equity shares in their own projects, we saw the opportunity to create a platform that brings together project owners and investors to share equity in real estate investment for mutual benefit.
EquityDoor doesn’t favor big-money insiders or large financial institutions. We provide alternative real estate financing for mid-market projects for “the rest of us.”
It’s when our zeal and passion driven motive to become a productive intermediary got coupled with our skillset and knowledge of a commercial real estate crowdfunding, we successfully opened a new gate of investment for the people.
The virtue that separates us from the rest is our inspiration of becoming a useful and authentic resource!

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